When I try to attend your auction in Pipeline, I am getting an error message. What does it mean?

Here is a list of some of the errors you may come across in Pipeline, and what action you should take:

Pipeline Error


No BuyYour account may simply need to be activated.

Contact Registration at:
417-882-1666 or
Online Support at:
855-469-7272 Ext 731

 We are sorry for the InconvenienceYou got this page because something unexpected happened. An email has been sent to the administrator to help diagnose the issue. If you need help please contact an auction by going to our help page.


If you receive this error, it may resolve itself within a few minutes. The system is in the process of sending data to the auction. After 5 minutes, log out, log back in.
Pipeline Error: We found the following issues with your dealers.  We're sorry. [Auction Name] indicated that is has not received information for [Dealer Rep] Generally, this should happen automatically, but may take a few minutes. Please try again in a couple of minutes or feel free to contact [Auction] to expedite resolving this issue. Click Here for contact information for [Auction]. Call Online Support at: 
855-469-7272 Ext 731
Pipeline Error: We found the following issues with your dealers. We're sorry. [Dealer] is unable to attend the [Auction] event. Either the auction has flagged some issue with your account (common with newly registered dealerships) or your account is not authorized to attend this type of event. Have the auction check their management system's status for your account. Please contact dealer registration at [Auction] and they will either correct the problem, or advise as to what is necessary for [Dealer] to attend this event online. Please click here for contact information for Central Auto Auction. Call Online Support at: 
855-469-7272 Ext 731
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